Nature is always the same but ... our art must render the thrill of her permanence... .It must give us a taste of her Eternity

Paul Cézanne

After having painted the series of cosmic elements - water, air, earth, fire - Lina faces the cycle of the seasons, capturing original relationships of shapes and colors, fed by a dynamic concept of reality, which interprets its infinite metamorphoses.

The life of nature becomes an opportunity to trace its secrets, grasp its essence, sublimate its appearances, with full awareness of its richness, of its perennial contrasts.

Guided by a historically "modern" sensitivity, the artist adopts with a virile air, without neglecting accents of subtle poetry, direct tones, which upset the typical languages ​​of Arcadia, eliminate any indulgence to a static poeticity, highlight strong elements of novelty , triggered on a robust creative attitude.

The eternal renewal of creation is grasped in a frank way, albeit careful to perceive its heartbeat, to draw an intimate and moving diary, which reflects the depth of consciousness.

Large chromatic units are integrated into complex expressive mechanisms, determination and courage animate a work that reflects, in an autonomous way, experiences of historical avant-gardes, from futurism to abstract art.

The eye investigates the details, hints through the flight form of the soul, rendered through the musicality of the brush movements. Through a refinement of sensitivity, the ability to make plastic, concrete, what might have appeared incorporeal, malleable, unrepresentable, emerges.

Musical suggestions, together with the echoes of the poets' voices, are certainly elements of stimulus in the enterprise of making the secret perfume of the world visual.

The twirl of a leaf, the arabesque of a branch that expands in the air, the flight of a bird that seems to be swallowed up in the blue, the harmony of a cloud on the profile of things, the nuances of the great whole of a universe in perennial transformation, they are grasped with tense observation, fused into the unity of true and ideal.

A complex registration penetrates the most secret fibres of creation: the Pan-like sense of life’s resurgence from the depths beats in Spring; the song of heights and depths vibrates in the sonorous colours of Summer; the secret sheen of a temperate beauty is Autumn’s testimony , while the symphony in dazzling white sends a series of images vibrating through Winter, transmitting a profound if contained emotion.

Fantasy flies and the sense of asceticism is the flight of the soul, an ideal wind seems to bear witness to the wave of life, the moving of the eternal womb of the world.

The song expands with loving exaltation, the gaze identifies a detail revealed to the depth of a prehensile eye in front of the majesty of the skies, of the horizons, of the unfathomable mystery of creation.

The natural elements constitute the point of contact between the idea and the real,

the idea generates the vision, what is external becomes the expression and reflection of an internal attitude.

Presentation in the catalog LINA PASSALACQUA - The Four Seasons

Gangemi International Editore, March 2013

Personal Exhibition Museo del Vittoriano from 18 April to 18 May 2013 Rome