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Lina Passalacqua, born in Sant'Eufemia D'Aspromonte (Reggio Calabria), has shown a marked artistic vocation opposed by family members since she was a child. Her parents, emigrated to Genoa, of modest possibilities, direct her to technical studies. During his studies, he attended the "Borsa di Arlecchino", a Genoese avant-garde theater center, where the director Aldo Trionfo presented texts by Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett, absolute novelties for Italy. Together with his brother director and a group of Genoese university students he represents Euripides's "Le Troiane" at the IV Delphiade in Saarbrüken in Germany and some texts by Goldoni, Bassano, Betti at the small "Eleonora Duse" Theater in Genoa. After completing his studies, he refused a job, left Genoa and his family, and accepted a writing by Fantasio Piccoli, director of the Piccolo Teatro in Bolzano. In 1957, he made his debut in Goethe's "Faust", alongside Benassi. Later she is Gonerilla in William Shakespeare's "King Lear", alongside Annibale Ninchi. During the breaks of the performances that the Stabile performs around Italy, he studies and designs the works of the Grand Masters in the various Italian museums. He works for several years in the theater: he is the "continental sciantosa" alongside actors such as Rosina Anselmi, Turi Ferro, Umberto Spadaro in the "Aria del Continente" by N. Martoglio at the Stabile di Catania. In 1960, in Rome, he attended the studio of the painter and engraver Carlo Alberto Petrucci, academician of San Luca, a decisive personality for his professional training.

1963 - With John Dos Passos - Rome

In 1962 he definitively left the theater and moved from Genoa to Rome. These were years of hard work and intense study to obtain the qualifications required for teaching drawing. In the meantime he collaborated as a portraitist for the theatrical magazine "Maschere", where he published, among other things, the portraits of the writers John DosPassos, Gabriel Marcel, Marino Gentile.
In 1964 she started to teach at Jesi (Ancona) where she studied Lorenzo Lotto in the local Picture Gallery.
In 1965 she moved to Anagni (Rome) to teach. She lived for two years in a countryman’s house and portrayed the local people. The drawings she made were exhibited in the solo exhibition People from Ciociaria at the Frosinone Tourist Board presented by Milla Pastorino.
In 1970 she won the ISES national competition that was held to select a decorative panel (300 X 150cm) to be installed in the school of Marina Gioiosa Ionica in Calabria.
In 1972 Vito Apuleo presented it in the catalog in the first Roman solo show at the Pantheon art gallery. Other soloists followed in various Italian cities where he exhibited, in addition to the paintings, also tapestries, wooden sculptures, painted objects.
In 1973 she won a national competition launched by the Municipality of Rome for two decorative panels, 200 × 130 cm, each for the Fabio Filzi elementary school in Rome.In 1984 Duilio Morosini presented her, among the Italian painters worthy of mention, in the National catalog of Modern Art Bolaffi.

1972 - With Antonio Marasco - Personal Exhibition. Pantheon Art Gallery - Rome

In 1989 the Municipal Museums, the Picture Gallery and the Municipality of Macerata sponsored her anthology exhibition, including paintings from 1967 to 1989, held in the prestigious Church of St. Paul. On this occasion the famous art and cinema critic, Mario Verdone, wrote the text of the catalogue Fragments in space and time to accompany the exhibition.
In 1990, Teleromacine produced a 31 'video on his work directed by Pino Passalacqua, a video that ranks third in the III "Cinema and Art" Festival promoted by the Entertainment Organization.
In 1991 the Municipality of Acquaviva Picena with the patronage of the Marche Region, on the occasion of the "IX Rassegna Estate 1991", curated by Stefania Severi, organized an anthological exhibition entitled "Lina Passalacqua: a self-portrait in the rooms of the Palio of the Palazzo Comunale. ". Also in 1991, the Ente dello Spettacolo, on the occasion of the IV “Cinema e Arte” Festival, dedicates an evening in its honor, presenting the documentary out of competition.
In 1992, the Ente dello Spettacolo, with the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment and the Municipality of Rome, organized an anthology at the center of S. Luigi di Francia, whose works follow the paths indicated by the television documentary.

1990 - With C. Aznavour and Pino Passalacqua

In 1993 the State Museum and the Culture Department of the Republic of San Marino organized a personal exhibition entitled "From word to sign".
In 1996, she was invited to the XXIII Sulmona Prize, presented in the catalog by C. Fabrizio Carli.
In January 1998 he exhibited in Rome at Studio S, directed by Carmine Siniscalco, the pictorial cycle "Vele" with the presentation in the catalog of Carlo Fabrizio Carli. Also in 1998 he was present at the exhibition "Palme d'artista", Museum of the Botanical Garden of Palermo; Italian Institute of Culture, Cairo; the Atelier, Alexandria, Egypt; at the "Mail Art" exhibition, International Museum of the Postal Image, Belvedere Ostrense, Ancona. In the same year he received the "Città di Pizzo" award with the following motivation: ... "Lina Passalacqua is one of the very few female figures of the Second Futurism, whose work will be historicized in the successions of the movement".
In 1999 the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo of Siena presented the pictorial cycle "Vele" to the Crypt of the Cathedral Statues. Also in the same year he was present at the exhibition "Palme al Sangallo", organized by the Municipality of Nettuno (Rome).
In 2000 she was invited to participate in the “1st International Forum for a Culture of Peace by MediterraneanWomenCreators” organized by the Prefecture of the Dodecanese of Rhodes, under the patronage of UNESCO. In September of the same year, she was invited by the University of Naples Federico II to participate in the exhibition "Palms between botany and art" at the Botanical Garden of Naples. In December the 1900th volume of Giorgio di Genova "History of Italian Art of 30 - Generations of the Thirties" where she is inserted is presented at the Bargellini Museum in Pieve di Cento (Bologna).
In 2001 she is invited by Giorgio Di Genova to take part in the big exhibition Artists from the 30’s at the Italian Art Museum for XXth century – G. Bargellini Pieve di Cento (Bologna).

In 2002 Gianfranco De Micheli and Francesco De Santis included one of his works in the book «Palma Palmae». In the same year he created, for the Italian magazine «Furthermore», a collage entitled «Constellazione Pace», a virtual symbol of dialogue between Jewish and Muslim culture. Constellation that presents in September in Rhodes at the 2nd "International Forum for a Culture of Peace by MediterraneanWomenCreators" organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Prefecture of Peloponnese, the FAM sponsored by UNESCO and the European Parliament. Also in 2002 she was invited to participate in the exhibition "Cleopatra, from Michelangelo to contemporary art" presented at the Egyptian Academy in Rome, at the Studio S. Arte Contemporanea in Rome; in 2003 at the PalaisdesArtes in Alexandria in Egypt, at the Center of ArtsAkhnatoon in Cairo in Egypt; and in 2004 at the Shirvanshakh Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Italian Embassy.
In 2003, Renato Civello included it in the book "900th century artists in Rome", a historical and critical review of painters and sculptors who marked an era.
In 2004 she was invited by the FAM, of which she has been a member since 2002, to participate in the "2nd Small Format Exhibition" in the UNESCO Palace in Lebanon and by the critic Carlo Fabrizio Carli at the "Ferruccio Ferrazzi" National Painting Award, Sabaudia (Rome) .
In 2005 the FAM and the AVAA (AssociationdesVillagesdesAteliers d'Artistes) invited her to the International Art Exhibition "Femme-Art-Mediterranee" in Casablanca in Morocco with the theme "CulturesSolidaires" under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Unesco, in in which thirty-eight Mediterranean countries participate. In the same year, she was invited by ALTS to the 2nd Contemporary Art Review "Images for a dream" presented at Castel dell'Ovo in Naples and in Rome at Palazzo Medici. In 2006 she was invited by ARGAM (Associazione Romana Gallerie Arte Moderna ) to participate in April in the “Signals of Spring” exhibition presented at the Vittoriano Complex in Rome and in May at the “Roman Spring 2006” with a personal exhibition at Studio S in Rome. On the occasion of the exhibition, a monographic catalog entitled "Flights" is published with texts by Maria Teresa Benedetti, Fiammetta Jori and Carmine Siniscalco. In the same year she was invited by the FOCSI (Union FéminineArtistique et culturelle - SalonsInternationaux) to two international exhibitions in Turkey under the patronage of the Turkish Ministry of Culture: at the Museum of Painting and Sculpture in Izmir in October and at the Mevlana Cultural Center in Konya in December. Also in December, she is invited to the III edition of the International Exhibition of Sacred Art “Come Adoremus” in Rome in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto.

1992 - with Enzo Benedetto

In 2007 she was invited by ARGAM to participate in the exhibition "Spring Salon - Research and praise of form", presented in May at the Venanzo Crocetti Museum in Rome. In the same year, the Committee of the Department of Painting and Sculpture of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), at the suggestion of the Director, included it in the international program "Artists' Viewing Program" (AVP) to facilitate the exchange between curators and artists worldwide. Also in the same year, in September, she was invited by FOCSI to the 74th International Exhibition of Moulins - Yzeure in France in the Chapelledu Château de Bellevue.
In 2008 she was invited by the Cortese and Lisanti gallery in Rome to the exhibition "Women of art - Freedom" for the celebration of March 8 on the centenary of the birth of the movement. In March 2008 the Committee of the Department of Painting and Sculpture of the Guggenheim Museum in New York included it in the international program "Artists' Viewing Program" (AVP) to facilitate the exchange between curators and artists worldwide. Also in the same year, in April, she was invited by ARGAM to participate in the exhibition "Spring 2008 - Take a position" presented at the Crocetti museum in Rome. In May she is invited, by the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and by the Futurism Study Center - Today, to the exhibition "Futurist continuity in the first centenary" to the complex "I Dioscuri" at the Quirinale in Rome and the same exhibition is exhibited in August at Paleochristian Temple of Scala (Ravello) on the occasion of the event Scala meets New York for the commemoration of September 2008th. In July 2008 he received the commemorative medal of the President of the Republic on the occasion of the painting prize Città di Pizzo XNUMX with the following motivation: "... Lina Passalacqua represents one of the most illustrious continuities of futurist language ..."

In February 2009 he received the Prize for Neofuturism in the Historical Painting category at the Lamezia Terme Art Biennale. Also in February she was invited by Luigi Tallarico to the prestigious exhibition "FUTURISMO in its centenary, continuity" presented at the Gallery of the Palazzo Ducale in Cavallino (Lecce) and in March to the "V Triennial of Contemporary Sacred Art", at the Archbishop's Seminary of Lecce, with the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Also in March, the 1st Ripetta Art School of Rome, with the patronage of the Municipality and the Province of Rome, organizes an anthology of graphic works (1960-1990) in the Palazzo Camerale. On the occasion of the exhibition, a monographic catalog entitled “Flash” with texts by Renato Civello and Cinzia Folcarelli is published. The exhibition is included in the Celebrations of the Centenary of Futurism and the Modiemondidelfareartistico festival. In November she is invited to participate in the "VI Biennial of the Artist's Book Citta 'di Cassino" at the Pietro Malatesta Municipal Library in Cassino, and in December she is invited by Enzo Le Pera to participate in the "International Limen Arte Award, 2009", at the Palazzo Comunale E. Gagliardi of Vibo Valentia, curated by Giorgio of Genoa. 
In April 2010 she was invited by Carmine Siniscalco to participate in the collective 11 + 1 x (1 + 1) +1, 11 Artists presented at the sixth Biennial of the Artist's Book of the City of Cassino, set up at Studio S - Contemporary Art of Rome; in September she was invited by Stefania Severi to participate in the “Donna Oggi” exhibition at the Casanatense Library in Rome and many other Italian cities.
In February 2011 she was invited by the Studio-S of Rome to the exhibition “SOS Palma” Twenty-six artists at the service of the Society, curated by Carmine Siniscalco; in May it is included in the historical section of the Lamezia Terme Art Biennale presented at Palazzo Nicotera, curated by Pino Natale and Vincenzo Tallarico; in May he participates in the international exhibition organized by UFACSI in Lefkosa - Chypre Nord, and in June he re-proposes at the Casanatense Library in Rome, on the occasion of the "Centocinquantennale dell'Unità d'Italia", the exhibition "Flash - graphics 1960 1990", with the patronage of Cultural Heritage, of the Municipality and of the Province of Rome.

In May 2012 he participated in the exhibition "An art for life" curated by Carmine Siniscalco organized by ARGAM with and for the Community of Sant'Egidio, at the Venanzo Crocetti Museum in Rome, offering three works on loan to represent the initial nucleus of a permanent Museum of the Community of Sant'Egidio in the headquarters of Crypt of San Bartolomeo on the Tiber island in Rome. In December, she is invited by Carmine Siniscalco to participate in the exhibition  FROM DOLCE VITA TO VIE EN ROSE - Twenty-nine artists ... a flower, a film and a song,at Studio-S Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

On April 18, 2013 in Rome, at the Complesso del Vittoriano - Sala Giubileo, the cycle "The four Seasons", curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti, with the patronage of the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome. On the occasion of the exhibition, a monographic catalog published by Gangemi with the presentation by Maria Teresa Benedetti and texts by Carmine Siniscalco and lina Passalacqua is published.

In October 2013 she participates in the exhibition "Libro d'Arte e d'Artista" by Carmine Siniscalco at the Museum of Urban Culture of Tel Aviv - Jaffa under the auspices of the President of Italian Republic, with texts in the catalog by Carmela Callea, Carmine Siniscalco and Marina Trivella. Afterwards, she take part in the exhibition "Percorsi d'Arte in Calabria", at the Presente Museum (CS) by Enzo Le Pera under the auspices of the Culture Department .

In April 2014 she is invited to the fourth edition of the Bienniale Città d'Arte of Lamezia Terme - Historical Section by Pino Natale, with texts by Luigi Tallarico, Paolano Ferrantino, Tonino Iacopetta, and she receives the Verrino award for her 50 years of painting .

In May 2014 he participated in the exhibition "Collage ... Painting Lina Passalacqua Ernesto Terlizzi", curated by Carmine Siniscalco at Studio S - Contemporary Art in Rome.

In October XNUMX she is included in the book "Percorsi d'Arte in Calabria" by Enzo Le Pera and edited by Rubbettino. For this occasion it is organized an exhibition at the Vittoria gallery in Rome.

In November 2014 he took part in the exhibition “Woman and Multiculturality in today's Europe"At the Complex of S. Andrea al Quirinale - Teatro dei Dioscuri, organized by the altrosguardo - artists associated with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Antinous Center of Rome, texts by Roberta Filippi, Pietro di Loreto and Serena Di Giovanni.

In January 2015 Palombi publishing house on behalf of the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica publishes the biography of Carlo Alberto Petrucci. The book is edited by Alicia Moltedo Mapelli and the biography by Annalisa Laghi and there are two paintings of the artist's office performed by Lina Passalacqua in the 60's, when she was her pupil.

In March 2015 he took part in the Culture or Food Art exhibition on the theme of Expo 2015 in Milan Feed the planet. Energy for life, curated by Carmine Siniscalco at Studio S - Contemporary Art in Rome.

In May XNUMX she participates in the exhibition of Contemporary Art "La natura all’origine dell’arte: l’arte cibo per la mente" organized by the Taverna Museum, with the support of EXPO MILAN XNUMX, selected works from the museum's permanent collection.

In September 2015 she is invited to the 42th edition of Sulmona Award, the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, with jury president Vittorio Sgarbi.

In November XNUMX she participated in the exhibition "Vissi d'Arte ...... l’opera lirica, gli artisti, la scuola" by Roberta Filippi and Laura Monachesi, organized by the Centro Internazionale Antinoo per l'Arte Marguerite Yourcenar in Villa Mondragone, Rome.

In December 2015 she was invited to the exhibition "Endless structures of light. Tribute to Francesco Guerrieri”Curated by Teodolinda Coltellaro at the Open Space Center for Contemporary Art, Catanzaro. Subsequently she is invited to the International Limen Art Award 2015 VII edition sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia in the Masters of Calabria section, curated by Enzo Le Pera at the Valentianum complex in the city of Vibo.

In 2016 a permanent room dedicated to the Calabrian futurist artists U. Boccioni, A. Marasco, E. Benedetto, A. Yaria, M. Berardelli L. Repaci, S. Locelso and L. Passalacqua was set up in the Museum of the Present in Rende ( CS).

In November she is invited by Carlo Fabrizio Carli to the 43rd edition of the Sulmona Prize, international exhibition of Contemporary Art, president of the jury Vittorio Sgarbi.

In September 2017, the permanent hall of the is inaugurated in the Museo del Presente in Rende (CS) Calabrian Futurists: U. Boccioni, A. Marasco, L. Repaci, A. Yaria, E. Benedetto, G. Tedeschi, A. Savelli, M. Berardelli, S. Lotti, L. Passalacqua, S. Locelso, curated by Vittorio Cappelli and Gianluca Covelli with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Department of Culture, the National Gallery of Cosenza and the University of Calabria, where he participates with twelve works.

On 14 December 2017 he presents in Rome, at the Complesso del Vittoriano, Brasini wing - management and organization of Arthemisia - an anthological exhibition that traces 60 years of artistic activity and its most recent pictorial cycle Fairy tales and legends, accompanied by various preparatory sketches and inspired by fantastic literature. The exhibition, curated by Carlo Fabrizio Carli, is sponsored by the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome, and is documented by an important catalog / monograph entitled Cosmic Dynamism, published by Gangemi Editore, with critical text by Carlo Fabrizio Carli.

In 2018 it was included in the volume "Art itineraries in Italy 2018”, Curated by Giorgio Di Genova, Carlo Franza, Enzo Le Pera, publisher Rubbettino, and on the occasion of the publication of the book, in January 2019 an exhibition is organized at the art gallery Il Mitreo - Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

In September she was invited by Carlo Fabrizio Carli to the 45th edition of the Sulmona Prize, the "Gaetano Pallozzi" International Exhibition of Visual Arts, with the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies, president of the jury Vittorio Sgarbi . In October of the same year, the jury, made up of Carlo Fabrizio Carli, Giorgio Di Genova, Raffaele Giannantonio, Enzo Le Pera, Cosimo Savastano, Duccio Trombadori, Maurizio Vitiello and Gaetano Pallozzi, awarded her the SPECIAL CAREER AWARD (work in competition Peter Pan.

In March 2019, on the occasion of the Women's Day, she is invited by Maria Teresa Lamberti for an interview in the Rai Radio Uno program "Women on the front line", where she discusses about the role of women in today's society.

In April he donates the work to the Estorick Collection, London: “Symphony 1976"

In July she is invited by the Antinoo International Center for Art to the exhibition "Vissi d'Arte… the Opera, the Artists, the School” at the Monumental Complex of San Salvatore in Lauro of the Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni, Rome. Edited by Roberta Filippi and Laura Monachesi. exhibits the workCasta Diva, from Bellini's Norma, 2018″.

In October he participates in the exhibition “Focus on Art in Calabria“, at the Brettii and Enotri Museum, Cosenza, from 30 October to 7 December. Curated by Enzo Le Pera, Gianluca Covelli and Ghislain Mayaud. Presentations in the catalog by Marilena Cerzoso and Maurizio Vitiello. exhibits the workSpring, Anemones, 2010″.

In November he participates in the exhibition “ArtistiItaliani and NuoviTempi” presentation of the Manifesto for Art, Painting and Writing, at the Prom Kultury, Warsaw from 23 October to 18 November, with the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute. Edited by Ida Mitrano and Rita Pedonesi. Catalog presentations by Magdalena Czerwosz, PROM KulturySaskaKępa, MalgorzataWrzesniak, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University of Warsaw. exhibits the workProject yourself to the future, 2019″.

In 2020 the cultural association "In Tempo" invites her to a virtual exhibition: 2020- Time for DIARIES. It happens. Artists on a "virtual raft" tell their stories during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

During his career, he has exhibited in about 45 personal exhibitions and has participated in over 80 group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Holder until 1996 of the chair of Painting Disciplines at the 1st Liceo Artistico Ripetta in Rome, she has also occasionally dealt with scenography and costumes for cinema and television.